You Don't Have to Like It

This piece started as part of a 7-day Facebook "challenge" about living as a single person – a cheeky series of posts my sister tagged me in and suggested I share. Friends, thank you for your positive feedback about my writing on relationships, anxiety and depression, and why being single holds just as much value as being married. Here is the post I made from the fifth day of my "Living Single Challenge," edited and expanded.

I am grateful to be single because my body is my own.

Because I'm not married, my body is a reflection only of myself. Even though lawmakers, especially in the south, say otherwise, I own my body. I have sovereignty.

Even though a middle-aged white man has found himself worthy of Tweeting about my body modifications in the past, it's still mine.

Why do I need to remind you that my body is not a topic for comment?

My body is mine because I stopped seeing a boy who suggested I shave my pussy. He said it would be easier to please me if I did.

I do not have to be "clean" shaven to be attractive. I do not have to change my body to suit your preferences. And I do not need to be easy to please.

Even though I've gotten in a screaming match with my father on our front stoop on Thanksgiving morning for refusing to shave my legs, I know that my body is still mine.

"I think I'm beautiful."
"You would be more beautiful if you changed."

If I get married, I will choose a person who loves my body. But I'm grateful that, for now, no one really has stake in my appearance but me. I am an individual and I am enough.

And you don't have to like it anyway.